About our company

A site that sells products online. Allows users to create a purchase order, select the type, and deliver the order online. When choosing the necessary goods or services, the user usually has the opportunity to immediately select the method of payment and delivery.

The main difference between an online store and a traditional one is the form of a trading platform. A typical store needs a trading floor, showcases, price tags, as well as transparent ones, and we also took care of consultants, the entire infrastructure for an online store is implemented programmatically.

Why shop at perfumeoutlet.eu?
We try to be exclusive with high quality products, low and prices. Every customer is important to us, so we focus on promptness and quality of service.
perfumeoutlet.eu's mission is to meet all customer needs, seek long-term relationships, offer only quality products. Vision - to become one of the most popular online stores in Latvia, to base its activity on respect, trust and honest work 

                                         Information about the company:

Company name: SIA TWD

Company code: 40203219574

Company address: Augusta Deglava Street 156, Riga, LV-1021

Bank account no.: LT593500010011156590

Email: info@perfumeoutlet.eu

Contact: +371 28125115